About Us

Hi, my name is Nicola and I founded Logie & Gray, A Baby and Toddler Company, and created The Poppy Potty, to address some of the needs I had for myself that I couldn’t already find in the baby and toddler world.  

I am a mother of toddler twins, an entrepreneur, joy creator, photographer for over 20 years, an expat and Army wife! I am still amazed by most of that list, and can’t believe all that has happened before my 40th birthday this year! 

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland I have travelled to over 20 countries, logged thousands of miles on air travel and finally settled into living in the USA in 2002 to study photography.  I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years now!  Wow, that is crazy!!! 

I got married in my back garden in 2015 to my very private US Army husband that you probably won’t see a picture of, (and yes I see the irony of a photographer not being able to post a photo of her husband.)  In 2016 we got the shocker of our lives when I was 20 weeks pregnant and went for a scan, only to be told the 1 baby we thought we were having was in fact 2.  Twins!  No, they do not run in the family and it was not a medical miracle.  They are spontaneous twins, and boy did they live up to that name! 

Logan and Grayson were born in August 2016, 6 weeks early, and I was not ready at all, hahahah. I could try and talk about those first 3 years, but to be honest it's all a blur! Really, the days have been long but the years short, my friends.  Are you with me??? 

What I can tell you is that during the last 4 years I have used every product I could get (mostly from Amazon prime!) that would make my life just a tiny bit easier.  In that time I have seen for myself what works and what doesn’t and I started to think what I could do to make some products better. So…here comes the next stage of stepping out of professional photography and into e-commerce. 

Logie & Gray strives to offer you a variety of well designed products that make being a parent easier. We know that even shaving off a few minutes on one task can make a huge difference to the baby and toddler parents stress level. 

We offer products for singletons as well as for those with multiples. We know that having two babies at the same time creates a multitude of scenarios you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise, and hope to help there. 

Life with children is joyous and exhausting, comes with triumphs and accidents, brings tears and laughter, and a whole heap of love. 

I hope you love our products and you kids do too! 

Being a parent is a walk in the park… Jurassic park! 


Nicola, Logan & Grayson

Logie & Gray and The Poppy Potty