Potty training products that help you leave the house with more confidence, and less mess. 

Does staying home for days on end, potty training, seem daunting? 

Portable Potty Seat

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YES! Get Me Out Of The House

Plan now and avoid the mess later.

• Reduce the risk of being caught out when your toddler needs to go. 

• Provide a safe and fun experience for your kids that will make them feel comfortable and want to use their potty and seat covers. 

• Plan fun trips with the whole family knowing you'll be prepared and can be back to hiking or playing on the beach with no hassle, and happy, confident kids. 

YES! We're heading to the park!

So useful!

This product has been great for side of the road bathroom stops with my toddler who is potty training. It came with bags as well and stores very neatly in the car. Opens and closes easily with little to no clean up.

Allison Q

Potty training made that much easier!

This potty has been by far the easiest and most convenient travel potty I've used so far!) It's cute, convenient and necessary for the potty training kid/parent!

Yolanda S

Cute and perfect for emergencies.

This potty is perfect for our little one. Folds easily and even comes with its own carry bag and liner. I threw some wipes into the bag and it was a kit for emergency potty situations. Very happy.

S. Higuera

An absolute must for littles!

This potty is a must for all parents! It’s super lightweight, comes in an awesome carrying bag, and works wonders when you’re stuck with no bathroom around.


Best Travel Potty

This potty is great! We never leave home without it, and the bag it comes with is so cute & handy. Also, as an earth conscious family, we love that the bags are environmentally friendly.

Roberta L.

I know how daunting toilet training can be.

Logie & Gray - The Poppy Potty was founded because I know the pain of toilet learning , or just trying to leave the house with toddlers at all! With twins I doubly get it!

We know that staying home for days or weeks to potty train can bring on a serious case of cabin fever for all involved.  

With over 3000 potties and 10,000 biodegradable potty liners sold we have helped many families, just like yours, get started on this exiting time of learning and independence for your kids.

Leave the house with confidence, every time.

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We know you are the kind of parents who want to be out adventuring

At Logie & Gray we know you are the kind of parents who want to be out adventuring, discovering new secret hiking paths, chasing butterflies, and enjoying a day at the beach with your little kids

In order to do that you need to be prepared with all the best and easiest potty learning tools for on the go.

The problem is you don’t have a portable potty, or toilet seat covers to protect little hands and bottoms from germs... yet, which makes you feel unprepared and overwhelmed by the thought of leaving the house with your toddlers. 

We believe parents deserve to teach their children to use a potty, and be able to leave the house before cabin fever sets in.  I understand that feeling having taught my own toddler twins how to listen to their bodies and use a potty. 

That’s why we created an easy, 10-seconds to set up, portable potty that makes even those most urgent calls of “I need to go pee pee” get addressed fast, along with our Biodegradable Potty Liners to tidy away all the mess. And what about those scary looking public toilets? Use our cute gender neutral Fox and Rainbow Toilet Seat Covers and those little bums and hands will never touch the toilet again. 

How to get the best potty tools: 

1. BUY THE PERFECT PRODUCT. Buy the product that best fits you and your child’s needs.

2. SHOW YOUR CHILD. Teach your child what it is and how it works, and tell them it’s their special toilet time tool.

3. GET BACK TO THE ADVENTURE. Get back to playing at the park, the beach or that family road trip, quickly, easily and with less mess.

So, BUY NOW so you can stop stressing about what to do with the poop 💩,  and start planning that dream road trip.