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Portable Toddler Potty for Toddler up to 110lbs - Sturdy, Compact, Foldable for Travel Anytime + 20 Biodegradable Potty Liners & Carry Bag- Pink

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Poppy Potty is a potty training parents ticket to freedom!  No more staying at home for days on end. It's time to get back out in to the world with confidence, your happy toddler and with a cute portable potty!
    • 10 second set up -Poppy Potty is portable, foldable and compact because “IT” happens quickly and you don’t have time to mess around! When the urgent need arises just open up the legs, place on the ground and attach the biodegradable bag, or place straight onto a toilet seat. 
    • Less than 2lbs - That’s less then a packet of wipes and a change of clothes! Easy to carry with you to the park, keep in the back of the car, and even take on vacation. 
    • Environmentally friendly - BPA, Phthalate and PVC Free so your child will be safe from any harmful chemicals near their cute little bottoms. Comes with 20 pee proof biodegradable potty liners to ease your impact on the environment. Can also be used with any plastic bags you care to reuse. 
    • Multi-functional 2-in-1 design- works standing alone when you are at the park, running errands, or in the car, and also easily sits on top of a regular toilet, because big toilets can be scary sometimes!
    • Strong - suitable for children from 1 year old to 110 lbs.