Does Your Child Have a Fear of the Big Toilet?

We all have a fear of something in our lives, and the fear of using the toilet can be a big deal for our toddlers, and especially for us parents when we are in the process of potty training! It can cause untold stress for all involved.

Types of Fears

  • Some kids fear sitting on the toilet because the seat is cold. 

  • Some kids are afraid of having the door closed when they potty. 

  • Some only want you to close the door for “Some Quiet Time”.  

  • Kids may fear falling into the toilet and being “swallowed up.”

  • Children may worry that an animal will come up to “grab” them.

  • Even the sound of the toilet flushing may scare a child.

Using a child-size potty-chair like the Poppy Potty, rather than the big toilet, can put aside those fears.   

One of my kids has a fear of loud noises, so those loud flushing toilets in public parks and the mall are a no, no. I have to be sensitive to that when it’s time for him to use the toilet. It really helps to have the option of grabbing our Poppy Potty instead of using the big toilet.  

Because of it's 2-in-1 design we have many ways of using The Poppy Potty. If I can, we will use the potty in our favorite place, in open air. (Who doesn’t like peeing outside!) We can also use it on the floor in the restroom in the standing position with a bag inserted, or on the toilet seat itself as a seat reducer (with no bag), depending on my kid’s mood, which gives my kids a sense of independence and confidence as they get to choose. 

PubMed has stated that “Toilet refusal syndrome (TRS) is a common disorder in toddlers, defined by use of diapers and refusal of toilet for defecation, while toilet phobia (TP) is a rare disorder in which toilets are avoided completely.” Ref.  

This is a real syndrome we need to be aware of so we are not pressuring our kids too much during the potty learning process.  

For some kids having a potty on the floor of the bathroom is more comfortable than being on the big toilet and will help your toddler get more comfortable being near it. You can transition the Poppy Potty from floor standing, with the included biodegradable bag inserted, to on the toilet making it literally a stepping stone up to the big toilet for your child. With time they will become more comfortable and will be pros before you know it!

I have found that really observing my child can help give me an idea of what the issues may be, and when age and developmentally appropriate, asking them what they are feeling can get you some surprising answers! (Some weird ones too. Kids say the darndest things, right!?) If you think your child has a fear of the toilet then we hope a Poppy Potty will help them be more comfortable with eliminating, helping to make all your lives easier.