How Can Poppy Potty Help You During A Pandemic?

How Can Poppy Potty Help You 

During A Pandemic?

Get A Breath 

Of Fresh Air

Even under strict lockdown, many cities are still allowing us to get out in nature--thank goodness! A breath of fresh air can make a big impact on your sanity as a mom, but with many public toilets closed (and honestly, even when they are open, do you really want to use them?), what do you do? When your toddlers got to go.... they’ve got to go, especially during potty training!

We've been getting to places out of city center to get out of the house, mostly for my own sanity, and to get the kids back to nature, and to stop fighting over the same toys all the darn time! But, naturally, on trails and in fields, there are no public toilets around. That’s when we grab the Poppy Potty out of the bag, and in a quick 10 seconds, we have it set up and ready use. 

The thing we love most about the Poppy Potty is that it’s so easy to take with you anywhere you go. With an Organic Cotton Carry Bag included, you can just pop it over your shoulder and off you go…. along with the bag of snacks, change of clothes, wipes, toys and books we know always have to accompany any toddler! Hahaha

Dirty Public Restrooms?

Recently, near us, some Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. Last week, we went to a recreational area for a bike ride on what we call our “race track”, which we have missed dearly. 

I noticed that some public restrooms were open. Now, this is great for adults that are aware of all their movements and able to contain themselves in what they touch. Then, you have toddlers. If you know a toddler who doesn’t walk into a room and start touching everything, well done to you... and them! In my experience, my two toddlers would touch the door, handle, walls and even the bowl of a public toilet! Not a chance we are going in there! 

We pick a spot, usually behind a tree when we’re at the track, so we have a little privacy, set up the Poppy Potty in less than 10 seconds, and the kids are ready to get back to racing, without touching anything icky. I have been really grateful to have my Poppy Potty with me during this social distancing time, and we hope it will give you the same freedom to travel a little further, back to nature, and to feel safe in public. Stay Safe! 

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