1. Do you offer Returns & Exchanges?  We offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  If you are not happy for any reason just contact us and we'll replace your product, or refund your money. 
  2. Can I put The Poppy Potty in the dishwasher? The Poppy Potty is very easy to clean with your favorite counter spray and a soft cloth and hot water.  If you do want a deeper clean we suggest the Quick Wash setting on your dishwasher. 
  3. What are the Dimensions & Weight Limit of The Poppy Potty? The Poppy Potty  is 11in long x 10in wide.  The poppy opening is 6.25in x 5.25in.  The potty can hold up to 110 lbs!  We have created the potty to be a little larger than the others on the market, most of which can only hold 50 lbs.  We wanted to make sure those with taller kids can still use the potty in places where public bathrooms are not available or convenient. We have found that our potty is much easier for your little to sit by themselves and will not tip over with normal use.  
  4. Does it come with a storage bag/pouch of some sort?  Yes!  Our Poppy Potty comes with a 100% organic cotton carry bag that is machine washable. 
  5. How do you unfold and use the Poppy Potty? poppy potty how to use
  6. Where is it made and what is the Poppy Potty made from?  The potty is created in California and made with love in China from PP & TPE Plastics that are Phthalate Free, PVC Free BPA Free.  
  7. Can you leave it in the sun or California car heat without compromising materials?  The Poppy Potty's tough PP & TPE Plastics can hold up to heat very well, but we recommend keeping it out of direct UV sunlight as it can cause color fade and cracking.     

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